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Political Websites
Blogs For BushVery well done blog with links to 100's more
Glenn Beck HomepageGlenn Beck Radio Host
Northeast Intelligence NetworkThe Intelligence News that is not being reported
Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911Very well resourced proof of Michael Moore's award winning deceptions
Electoral College CalculatorCalculate your own election scenarios and see all past results
Open SecretsMoney in politics tracker
Our CampaignsNews, discussion, polls and you can make predictions on any race in the world
Sabato's Crystal BallLeft-wing poll analysis
Thomas: Congress on the InternetVery comprehensive source for US Government information
Daly ThoughtsIf the election were today who would take which states
Outside The BeltwayCounty by County map of Election 2000
Sports Websites
Baseball ReferenceAwesome baseball stat reference
Basketball ReferenceAwesome basketball stat reference
Football ReferenceGood football stat reference
NFL Jerseys GaloreWanna find a jersey? This is the place
NFL Throwback HistoryEnjoy the nostalgia of uniforms past
Mini Retro HelmetsWant a throwback mini helmet?
SportStationLots and lots of sports gear, old and current
Football HelmetsMore than just a helmet.
Stadium & Arena ReferenceGreat stadium reference
Basketball Coach Resource centerHas a great scoring method and other good stuff
Helmet ProjectEvery college & pro helmet from 1960 to the present
Other links
Lyrics SiteSelf explanatory
Animated FlagsReally cool state flags site
Lord of the Rings SourceFabulous LoTR information source
Right Stuff Comedy: Comedy for Real AmericansGroup of stand-up comics
JR CigarsGreat cigar store w/ friday night specials
MP3 Bit Rate ComparisonCompare different bit rates and see which ones are best for you
The Power Of AttorneysFrivilous Lawsuits & other lawyer leftovers
Cyber City SoftwareCheap and deeply discounted software
The Geek TestCan you beat my score of 46.54832%?
Rubik's Cube solved in 19 sec
Rubik's Cube Solution
Dan Knight's Rubik's Solution
Rubik's Revenge Solution
Another Rubik's Revenge Solution
Jaap's Puzzle Page
Another Rubik's Cube Solution
Rubik's Cube Sites

To Be Sorted

GOPUSA - Republican

D.C.'s Political Report: State by State Summaries
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004
Letter from Frederick Seitz - Global Warming Petition Project
State-by-state poll projections (updated 6/4/04)
OpinionJournal - from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
Presidential Campaigns and Candidates
The Hedgehog Report
Urban Legends Reference Pages
The Associated Press - Washington in Depth
Free Animated US State Flags
Ticketscalping Laws
Twin Cities Gas Prices - Helping drivers in Minnesota find the lowest current price for gasoline
Catholic Online Forum Discussion Area: Priests & Religious
NCBI HomePage
Wildfire Information Center - Division of Forestry: Minnesota DNR
Pixies - Where Is My Mind? Lyrics
Lyrics Depot - Over 60,000 Free Song Lyrics
MartyEmail Goes Blog
Pac Man patterns
Jen's Matrix - Images
C64 Emulatoren & Spiele
Tolkien Online | Lord of the Rings Source
New Page 1
The GOP Comedy Show with Steve Eblin
The Right Stuff: Comedy for Real Americans
FAQ's - 501(c)(3) Status for Nonprofit Organizations
Fibromyalgia Network
hotpot software - President 2000
FILES.SimCentral.NET Downloads : Out of the Park
JRCIGARS.COM - Largest Cigar Selection and Lowest Prices!
Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
Portraits of War
Support for Vietnam War
Las Vegas SUN: Alaska School DJ Off Air for Reagan Remark
Chicago Boyz
LII: Supreme Court Collection Home
Welcome to the Legal Information Institute
actor conservative hollywood Resources
Right Voices
State Flags, Symbols, Seals, Emblems, Geography, Almanac, People, Flag History
Capital Eye