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2004 Primary and Election Calendar

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Primary and General Election Schedule
1/19/04 Iowa
1/27/04 New Hampshire
2/3/04 Missouri, Oklahoma, North Dakota (Caucus), Arizona (Dem Primary), Delaware (Dem Primary), South Carolina (Dem Primary), New Mexico (Dem Caucus)
2/7/04 Michigan (Dem Caucus), Washington (Dem Caucus)
2/8/04 Maine (Caucus)
2/10/04 Tennessee, Virginia (Dem Primary)
2/14/04 Nevada, DC (Dem Caucus)
2/17/04 Wisconsin
2/24/04 Hawaii, Idaho (Dem Caucus), Utah (Dem Primary)
2/29/04 Puerto Rico (GOP Primary)
3/2/04 Minnesota (Caucus), California, Connecticutt, Maryland, Massachucettes, New York, Ohio, Rhode Islnad, Vermont, Georgia (Dem Primary)
3/9/04 Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas
3/13/04 Kansas (Dem Caucus)
3/16/04 Illinois
3/20/04 Wyoming, Alaska (Dem Caucus)
3/23/04 Utah (GOP Caucus)
3/26/04 Wisconsin (GOP Caucus)
3/27/04 South Carolina (GOP Convention)
4/2/04 Georgia (GOP Primary)
4/13/04 Colorado (Caucus)
4/27/04 Pennsylvania, Michigan (GOP Caucus)
5/4/04 Indiana, North Carolina
5/11/04 Nebraska, West Virginia
5/18/04 Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon (Dem Primary)
5/25/04 Idaho (GOP Primary)
6/1/04 Alabama, South Dakota, New Mexico (GOP Primary)
6/6/04 Puerto Rico (Dem Caucus)
6/8/04 Montana, New Jersey
7/26/04 to 7/29/04 Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA
8/30/04 to 9/2/04 Republicant National Convention in New York City, NY

9/30/04 Presidential Debate @ University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL
10/5/04 Vice Presidential Debate @ Case Western University in Cleveland, OH
10/8/04 Presidential Debate @ Univeristy of St. Louis in St. Louis, MO
10/13/04 Presidential Debate @ Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ