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MN School Referenda
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The Truth About Minnesota School Referenda
Authored November 3, 2003

Today many voters within the state of Minnesota will be voting on giving the school systems more money. The supporters of the various bonding referenda use the typical, "Do it for the children" in the continued exploitation of the youth. Those that oppose the referenda are the ones with both common sense and true caring for society and children.

First we need to examine if it is actually necessary to give the schools more money. There is absolutely zero evidence that more money makes better schools. Only the weak minded actually believe this mantra from the self-interested socialist school officials. In fact there is more evidence that more money in public schools means worse results.

Take for example the Minneapolis school district where more money is spent per pupil than most anywhere else in the state. That district is having problems graduating simply 50% of the student body. Their answer for years has been to raise more taxes for more money per pupil and the results get worse. The same is true in St Paul. The same is almost universally true throughout the state.

Keep in mind that per pupil spending was lower in the 50's and 60's after being adjusted for inflation and the results back then were phenomenally better with less money. One can make the argument that the problem is that the money does not get to the classrooms. If that were true then there is no reason to waste more money on a broken system. If that were true then it must be the position of a responsible society to completely overhaul the system, not subsidize it further.

So, there is not a necessity to give the schools more money. Now we must examine what truly happens if we do not give those blood-sucking, money pits known as the school districts more money.

One of the things that has already been proven over the past year and a half by denying increased funding to the schools is that they cut the waste in their districts. This may come from laying-off the excess employees or from being more conscious about the salaries that are paid to the administrators. This may also come from deciding to lay off the excessive and unnecessary hoards of administrators. Regardless of what excesses are trimmed it makes the district more efficient in its use funds.

Another benefit that has arisen from denying more monies to the districts is that we find out that the claimed deficits are more fabrications than fact. A growing number of districts that falsely stated budgetary shortfalls miraculously found surpluses and cash reserves that were not previously disclosed to the public. Until the school districts open their books to the public they should not get another extra dime from the taxpayer.

I say the latter from personal experience. Two years ago I tried to research the true necessity of Elk River School District's referendum request. I wanted to see for myself the actual financial statements and accountings. The school board not only refused to send copies to me but also told me directly that I could not come to any office to view such records. The only way I could get information upon request would be to show up to a Q & A session, the next one being that very night at the Elk River high school at 7:30. I raced home that night (skipping my own class to get there) and found that there was not a single door open at the high school between the hours of 7:00 and 8:15. I was the only car in the parking lot. Likewise for the elementary school across the street. The same for the next night and the night after that. There was not any intention of letting a member of the public view the financial records OR have reasonable and pointed questions be answered.

When you vote "Yes" to any school referenda you need to understand that you are rewarding these types of thugs.

I know that there is the mistaken belief that somehow giving ever rising amounts of money to the schools is necessary for a better society. This is propaganda that the schools spit out to appeal to the civic-minded people who are too lazy or unable to honestly analyze this claim. The fact is that the schools are failing in this supposed task and money will not correct it. The problem is a curriculum that is fraught with exploitation and indoctrination of children by the socialists of the nation. Worse than that the "facts" that are taught are incorrect and unchallenged because most parents either do not care, are too lazy or too ignorant to know better. Finally, most of the teachers are incompetent relating to the subject that they are "teaching." These three problems are not able to be solved by passing any referendum in this state ever. Currently these problems make schools nothing more than a babysitter and a training ground for communism. (For those of you who do not know, this is exactly how Marx proposed for the communists to overthrow the Western world.)

To make the schools better for society it needs to train them in accordance with the trades that are relevant to society. Increasingly difficult math standards must be met each year or else the student must repeat the grade. Teacher must be able to pass the math standards beyond those of a high school graduate. English standards similarly must be achieved by students and surpassed by teachers. Elimination of feel good classes like environmental awareness is a necessity. Politicizing the classrooms must end and using students at rallies (as the DFL has done on an annual basis) must be made illegal.

But these are all problems that have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with a single referendum in the state. Therefore none of the problems of any school district will be solved by any referendum in the state.

The only responsible action for a caring and concerned citizen with regard to a school bonding referendum is to vote "NO."