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Ah-nold, CA and the GOP
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Arnold the RINO is good for the GOP
Authored October 13, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California as a Republican, but in listening to the few actual positions he took I am suddenly reminded of the phrase that aptly describes most every Republican in Congress: RINO. That is a Republican in Name Only.

Arnold's rise in the political world will have many implications in politics, especially for the Republicans. Only if they jump on the opportunity will the GOP be able to advance their cause on the Left lost to the ineptitudes of "liberal" ideologies. What opportunities?

For starters the GOP must begin to make every effort to support the few fiscal conservative ideas that Arnold put forth. Of course, with the hyper-partisanship of the California Assembly and Senate none of the ideas will gain passage. That is a good thing because it is exactly the legistlaure's Democrat stronghold that has led the state to the brink of bankruptcy and revolution. That will continue.

The next step in that the GOP must take is that they loudly, simply and often point out the resistance that the Democrats will certainly put forth. Their repeated arrogance that they know better than the people will cause them to forget that the GOP beat the Democrats in the recall election by the landsliding result of 2:1. The GOP on all fronts must stop playing nice and start showing the stonewalling that will occur in the next 2 1/2 years.

Arnold is far from my choice for any real office of power. He seems to want to embrace every socialist tendency that the typical Democrat long as it can be paid for. However, he still has a faint idea of fiscal accountability that the Democrats in California and nationwide have absent from their cognitive abilities. That faint sense is one step in the right direction, just like Gov. Arne Carlson in Minnesota. He was the epitome of RINO, but his hint of fiscal moderation was a step to the right of the status quo in Minnesota government.

This hint of fiscal moderation will show the state's residents that there is a better road in government: limited government. The GOP must fight to get any GOP member elected whether they are conservative, moderate or, as is normal with RINO's, liberal. They will still be better than the average Democrat who by all objective criteria are less liberal and more communist or socialist.

I know, I know, you should vote for the principle more than the victory. What's the point of supporting a RINO if they vote more often with the Democrats than the Republicans. At this point any Republican majority is important because they will cast on the side of the Republicans the most important vote in any legislature: the Speakership or leader of the Chamber. This is the ultimate control and from there everything else falls into place.

This was the case in Minnesota and follows is a good thing for the state's citizens. Once the Chair of any chamber is in the hands then the public will get to see the actual benefits of conservativism; they will get to see honestly how practical conservativism is. Once the Speakership is in the hands of the GOP the dominos continue to fall to the benefit of the nation and the truth is unavoidable. That is the truth that the media do not want to be known. And the truth that the communist left (aka Democrat party) do not want to be known: conservativism works and works compassionately, fairly, just and better than all other ideologies en toto.

While Arnold's policies are actually contrary to the conservatives, his victory in the California Governor Recall is a golden opportunity to get the state back on track to a healthy state. Almost the same opportunity that fixed California in the days of then Governor Reagan.