A Letter From Chad


The saga of a jerk and his family.

The following heart-warming letter came from Chad Parks on 2/17/05. The bold face are my comments written also on 2/17/05. Just to show Chad's "original thinking capacity" he basically copied my farewell letter to my sister, sullied it up with half-truths and nastiness and then sent it to me.


This is Chad writing you and not Kathie, just to be sure. I would like to express my personal and deepest gratitude to you for being the better man and listing your feelings which I am sure have been boiling in you for years.

Well, I have made them known up front. Unlike yourself. Hypocrite? I think that sums it up for you.

You have no idea what a relief this is for me. At last, I no longer have to pretend I like you or that I even have one iota of respect for you. Don't worry. The facade was never very good. It has always been painfully obvious that you did not like me. The shame is that you have never been adult enough to say so.

I am generally not two-faced hard to believe since it shows so often and so many people pick up on it but I assure you that in your company I did my best to be. Again, terribly mature...and he's raising kids. Scary!But apparently you, in your infinite wisdom, were able to see right through my facade. Well good for you, you do have one skill after all!

I tolerated being in your presence to avoid making the rest of your family uncomfortable.

Uh, no. You avoided being around. And had your wife lie to cover your cowardace. Let's see, you were violently ill and had terrible diherhea...interestingly you were fine enough to go to dinner and leave again.

You see, Anthony, the whole purpose of manners is to make others around you feel comfortable, but you surely did not know this before now. The truth of the matter is that I have utterly despised you since the day we first met. Being in the same room as you literally filled me with a gut wrenching flu like urge to throw up. But again, I smiled, and waved off my feelings in respect to the rest of your so called estranged family.

The only one who has been estranged is your wife. I think skipping a wedding and then pretending like everything is fine (as she did) warrants us avoiding her like the plague. Again, at least I have been up front about it all this time. I guess manners is to be 2-faced, have others lie for you, etc.

In all reality Anthony, I really couldn't care less about you or your melodramatic email letter or even what you think of me, my family or your own family for that matter. I just happen to have some time right now and will gladly indulge your adolescent viewpoints. Two thoughts here. First, time right now is 5PM...did I miss where letters like this is considered quality time with the kids? Second, there is that trademark Parks tolerance of other's feeling and thoughts. Tara, however, I think she is wonderful lady. And you have done so wonderfully in showing that by...ignoring her. Must be a Parks thing.

You should consider yourself lucky. See, there is a valuable lesson for you here; it just goes to show you that the Sun really does shine on a dog's ass every now and then.

You mention how I talked down to you when you took my kids from Kathie’s graduation. Well, now you now why. There is no way in hell I could trust you with my kids. And as for Kathie’s graduation, I don’t know you managed to make it about you, but you did. Yet another skill you seemed to have mastered.

Uh, what is this supposed to mean?. Keep in mind that the "wonderful lady" Tara and the "loving mother" Esther were among the people that watched your kids while you and your wife disappeared...had NO CLUE where they were. While you are able to treat family so poorly as to lie, be "2-faced", and flat out ignore their presence (like you did with your loved kids that night), we were not willing to risk their abduction. Chapter 1 in Good Parks Parenting: ignore the children. Chapter 2: spend income on super soaker water toys instead of providing a roof over your family's head while living with in-laws.

Since you have so kindly provided us with a list of grievances, I would like to provide you with some of my personal observations as well. Rest assured though, I am growing bored of this and you already and will make it very brief:

-Contrary to your belief, you are not the center of the universe. Never said I was. I only gave examples of why I do not want communication with your family. You sure seemed a little reactionary, though, for not really caring. It is like I said...I built half of the bridge and your wife never built the other half. I'm only letting you know that the bridge has collapsed. Based on the literacy of your letter I can understand how such a deep concept evades you.

-Yes, you do manage to somehow offend just about everybody in the same room as you.Were you answering a question I asked? Missed that. Though it was not a topic I will address it anyway: You may be right...and I do not care. You simply cannot please everyone, I do not try to please 2-faced liars who are poor parents.

-You have a good family and are too stupid to realize it.I know I have a good family. My sister and her husband are not good people, however. I have a good mother, father, step-mother, step-father, brother, aunt, cousins and uncle. On my wife's side...I can safely say they are all good.

-You have a very loving mother who can be easily manipulated by you into adopting your egocentric and twisted viewpoints. You also have the ability to convince her that you are a victim of a family that hates you. Let me assure you that all you are a victim of is yourself.Wow...funny how you think I'm convincing her of anything. Conversations about the abcesses of the Yniguez-Parra family (you and your wife) are not started by me. So that means that the convincing is done prior to my input. that possible? Must be a Jedi mind trick. It seems linear thinking is an issue for it is with most grunts of humanity.

Here is where we get to the creative writing portion of Chad's letter.

Do you really think I could have any type of legitimate respect for you when:

But first, a little linear the beginning of this literary work you wrote: "The truth of the matter is that I have utterly despised you since the day we first met" while your justification for such contempt occurred nearly a decade after "the day we first met." I'm sorry...I did not mean to let facts get in the way of a good fable. Please continue.

-Knowing my son’s passion for soccer you bash the sport in front of him in an ill attempt to make him feel bad. I am certain that for you trying to demoralize a 10 year old boy of his passion is very rewarding. It is just the type of pompous prick that you are.

1. The conversation during which your son was awake actually went like this. I mentioned a debate case based on the observation that people generally like either baseball or soccer and dislike strongly the other. Your wife and my grandmother proceeded to demean baseball (a sport that I am passionate about, hence the debate case). I provided the points of each case. Your wife continued on about on in an aggressive manner about soccer and demeaning those who play baseball (which I did). I adjust my conversation to the tone to that of the other person engaged in the discussion and responded with equal aggression.

2. The other conversation that did not start out as an innocuous discussion occurred while your son was asleep...and you were not even there.

-You argue in favor of legalizing drinking and driving unless the drunk driver actually manages to hurt or kill someone at which time it should then be declared illegal. This following Kathie’s near death accident as a result of a drunk driver. Are you really that stupid? Or just spiteful? Probably both huh?

Kathie is not the only one in the world to have an accident as a result of a drunk driver. I, too, have been in an accident as the result of a drunk driver. With that in mind let me set the story striaght...I neither started that discussion nor simply blurted out my belief. I did give warning that "it is not a popular opinion" and initially did indeed say that I should not bring it up, knowing how my sister is unable to accept the opinions of others. You would not know that because YOU WERE NOT THERE.

Some people who were in that discussion realize (and were discussing) the philosophical reasoning behind my belief. I guess your wife was not able to understand that nor relay it correctly to you.

-In front of everybody at the dinner table you manage to have the balls to disrespect your Oma and embarrass yourself and your parents by flipping her the bird.
Would this be when we were showing each other the creative ways people flip the bird? Good Lord, you are certianly an expert at omitting pertinent information to slander someone.I think Opa displayed great restraint in not kicking your ass right there. That would have been interesting since he was commenting on them. In hind sight I wish I would have. I wish you would have tried too.Anthony you really are an ASSHOLE in every sense. If I didn’t know better I would assume that your parents abandoned you during infancy and that you were grew up with no sense of tact or class. But I know better. The fact is, your parents did try to teach tact and class, but you were too stupid to recognize it as being important.

This effort at describing my lack of class coming from an admitted 2-faced liar. And as for class and tact...let's count the insults. *sigh*

I urge you to seek another position in politics Anthony; you really have what it takes. Yes, conviction, thoughtfulness, communication skills, and so on. You single handedly managed to generate negative politics
again, you missed the main point of my letter. Things have not been right since your wife jumped into a discussion which was none of her business, insutled me, ignored familial bonds and then cries in her milk about how she has been wronged for so long while treating family like shit. And somehow I created the bad blood? Interesting how your thought process goes.
and build alliances in the single place it does not belong; your own family.
Alliances? What the hell are you talking about? I'm 1/2 way across the country and get to hear regularly about how you & your wife ignore your mother-in-law. I am severing an unhealthy facade of a relationship that I did not want anyway...and I am creating alliances? Again, I'm baffled by your logic.
Well Anthony I bid you farewell.Good. I really hope our paths never cross. I don't think there is that danger since the feeling has long been mutual. And please do not waste your time in formulating a clever response, sorry, I could not let character assassination go unanswered because much like the thoughtful gifts you have sent in the past (1)They were off of your wish lists, which was the only correspondence your family engaged in...materialistic! (2) Uh, like I said, I did not want the relationship...the gifts you sarcastically ridicule were from my wonderful wife, to quote you...or were you being fecitious? Never can tell with 2-faced people.,
and so cleverly managed to use as leverage,
again...what the hell are you talking about? Me expecting people to thank others for gifts is leverage? Damn, I really am perplexed by your thinking processes.
your correspondences will not be read and will be promptly placed in the trash where it belongs.
As have everything you and your wife have sent...I did not want the relationship.
With the utmost sincerity,



Please, I beg you to indulge me with one final request, for your own sake: Don’t let anyone ever tell you a lie about how you are a good person? Try to be a real man, stand up, and affirm the truth by telling them that you are not. Again, advice about honesty from someone who is an admitted 2-faced liar that assassinates characters for their own angst. Advice heard, but given all the respect it is due...none.

***2/24/05--My sister hits my website (and since that time someone on PacBell service has accessed our home computer...coincidence it seems, but it is strange) and finds the ugliness from her husband.  I don't know why someone who has not given a shit since high school (late 80's) is crawling and possibly ripping my website. - - [24/Feb/2005:13:29:24 -0500] "GET /anthonyreel/index.html HTTP/1.1" 200 3956 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; FunWebProducts; SV1; YPC 3.0.1)"
and then again... - - [24/Feb/2005:15:14:48 -0500] "GET /anthonyreel/index.html HTTP/1.1" 200 3956 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; FunWebProducts; SV1; YPC 3.0.1)"
Like I said, someone has logged into our computer as "guest" though we have that disabled.  Our firewall came down on the 24th.  I do not think my estranged sister has anything to do with that...but you can see the seeping hatred from her husband.  He does by the way work at a company that works with Microsoft Windows security issues (" vulnerability identification, exploitation of Windows and Unix based operating systems, Internet systems and applications") as a  "Manager, Technical Audit & Security Services" at Canaudit.
Yes I do know what you are thinking.  It looks suspicious for him.  I do not think he knows anything about the hacking into our computer...because I am certain he is aware that it is a federal crime.

***2/25/05--My mother is pissed at me for posting the letter from Chad with my side of the story interspersed.  It seems that the issue is that this "dirty laundry" is "being broadcast to the world".  Nevermind the fact that she called my grandparents to read to them a letter from me to her...or that she left every letter out during an argument for the entire household to read.  Somehow I am wrong this time but not her then.  And not her daughter for her part in any of the above.  And not her 2-faced son-in-law for his part in all of this.
I'm reminded of some time ago when I innocently hit some pictures (poorly) hidden on a family member's website when she sent out some links to pictures on that website.  I was the bad guy for (a) finding the hidden pictures and (b) telling the person that they were available for all to see.